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Current Trends in CAD

October 29, 2019 | CAD | No Comments

mechanical cad course
mechanical cad courses

CAD or Computer Aided Design and Drafting(CADD) is the advanced technology which uses computers to create precision drawings or technical illustrations in 2D or 3D for designers, drafters, architects and engineers. Nowadays many engineering graduates are passing out, but only few of them are getting hired and others remain unemployed. One solution for this problem is that you can opt a profession in CAD. Here we discuss the current trends in CAD and its opportunities.

1. Emerging Technology

             Advanced  technologies and updated software changes the design world day by day. These changes reflects in CAD industry and this we can see in the latest AutoCAD update 2020. Along with the Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, the developers are constantly making changes in CAD and its different software.

2. Mobile CAD trends

            Along with the rapid growth of mobile applications and its new technologies the CAD software updates allow people to access the design tools and other important documentations anywhere at any time. It results in the usage of CAD in more advanced fields rather than designing industry.

3. CAD and 3D design productivity

            All over the world 3D designs are more user friendly and attracts people, due to this CAD 3D softwares gain more attention and its productivity in 3D printed building is increasing rapidly.
Using one 3D CAD model we can see inside and outside views from different angles of any 3D generated model and also can makes correction easily.

4. Cloud based CAD

Cloud based CAD software offers more flexibility, speed up your work process, affordable and secure. Benefits of cloud and online CAD are design anywhere, greater collaboration and streamlined workflows. Adding cloud applications to your CAD softwares helps to complete the job quickly when you you want to work with others on render a 3D model.

5. CAD Careers

            CAD professionals use software to create and develop drawings, blueprints, plans, and other design documents in variety of fields. The use of CAD software is not limited to a particular area, its chances are getting more and more in wide ranges like construction industry, engineering, designing tools, fashion designing industry, graphic design and so on.

Most people use AutoCAD as the general term for representing CAD. But it’s a software which utilizes CAD principles for designing and modelling. Due to the emerging of advanced technologies like Internet of Thing, Artificial Intelligence etc. the trends and opportunities of CAD will never go down. It’s chances and applications in the construction, modelling, designing and manufacturing fields are increasing. Choosing a career in CAD field is a good option for better future. Many CAD courses like Civil CAD, Electrical CAD, Architecture CAD, Mechanical CAD etc. are available in different fields according to your graduation or interest.